Wetland Management

As part of our Woodland Management Plan we are working towards restoring the wetland area in the woods. Over time willow has overgrown in the reed-beds and the open water has been reduced by the growth of branched bur-reed. We have almost completed the cutting back of the willow amongst the reeds and are now concentrating on reducing the willow on the margins.  We are also making progress with pulling the bur-reed. This is particularly slow work as it involves wading into a foot of  water and two foot of mud and pulling it by hand.  You may also have noticed that we have cut down a number of trees on the pathway along the edge of the wetlands. This is to reduce the risk of trees blowing over in the winter storms and compromising the integrity of the earth dam. Our apologies for all the mud on the pathway. Hopefully the November rains should soon wash it away